After The Glitter Has Settled

The stream continues. Mardis Gras came and went. Things with LaVoy Design got a little slow, and are now picking up again. Such are the rhythms in New Orleans, of course. Despite the fact that it's a simple fact of life that your productive "work" will fuzz out a little bit during that time of year in this city, I still get a sense of slow simmering panic when I get too much time without a lot of paid work or huge strides in other projects. It takes time and practice to learn when to accept that things are pretty much okay; to trust that you will make it all work in the end.

The glitter is now starting to settle (although it's amazing how much of it accumulated on all our zabutons in the meditation hall), and things are moving along once again with the work. It's a great pleasure to write this directly across the hall from my roommate Derek, who is at this moment jamming on his own blog. It's such a necessary element of creativity for me to share space with active people!

Not much to show in terms of new works. There's a lot in progress, but most of it is either relatively routine or early in the fetal stages. Rather, here's one last image from that gritty basement studio I just left behind in Michigan. For a description of that work space, and why it's significant to my work, see my first post. As this blog is partially a study of the effects of this environment on the work, maybe it's not a bad idea to show a "before" in the before and after of this process of moving into Mid City Zen and practicing here.

Islands Ink and Wash

So this is what I had going while I was working on a lot of render-heavy activity back in the Hewitt Street basement. There was a lot of time during the work that I was doing in which I had to sit back and wait for my computer to catch up to me. Rather than allow myself to get distracted and fall into some click hole or another, I tried to channel my distraction into this piece. I think it reads that way - total distraction and a wandering mind spitting out primal images. As with anything I do in a stream-of-consciousnesses fashion, I seem to end up with lots of sexual imagery. I used to try and fight it, but that's absurd. You are what you are and you make what you make. If that means you have some things to either accept or work on within yourself, I think that's part of what this is for.

This piece is now in the hands of my dear friend Crystal Cooper, the amazing creative adventurer who is currently rallying together a group of young U.P. bohemians to collaborate on a book of short stories, poetry and essays up in the Marquette area. I donated it to her efforts to fund-raise for the book, so if anyone out there wants the original, send me an email through this site and I will connect you with her.

The funny thing with this piece: I think I like it better broken up into vertical strips. That middle just has so much going on - maybe too much. The sides have a bit more space and breath in them.

Side panel, distractions, membranes and skulls
Side panel: lighthouse

Well that was something, anyways. Looking forward to what's next.

Several big works are in the fetal stages. More updates to come soon!

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